Why Used Car Purchases Are The Better Choice Every Time

We love our cars in Australia and we take care of them like they were our children. When the time comes to sell it or to let it go to the big scrap yard in the sky, it is a time of sadness because we have become really attached to them. However, there comes a time when we need to change our cars because of age or wear and tear and this is the time when you have to decide if you are going with a new one or a second hand one. It’s true, there’s nothing like the new car smell, but if you could buy the same car, that is under three years old with some warranty left, then you could save yourself thousands of dollars. There are many other reasons for choosing to go with a used car and we will look at some of them here.

üIt Saves You Money – If you decide on choosing from some used cars in Canberra, then you can save almost fifty per cent on the new listed price. Yes, the savings can be that big. Even if you don’t have the cash to put the money down for the car and just drive off, it doesn’t matter because taking finance out on a used car is going to be paid off early due to the cheaper price. Because you have bought this car for significantly lower than the list price, then maybe in five years, you can change again and get yourself another great deal. If you choose wisely, you may even get a collectors car that will hold its value for the whole time that you have it.

üIt’s Cheaper to Customise – When we choose a car, we always like to add things on that make the car more you but when you do this at the dealership, the costs are much higher. Getting the used car that you want at the price you are happy with and adding things later is a much cheaper option. The money you saved by not buying new, can be used to create the car of your dreams and what could be wrong with that.

üCertified and Inspected – If you buy your used car from a dealer who certifies and inspects the cars before selling them, then you are on to a winner. In some cases, they will even give you a limited warranty on the car such is their confidence in its quality. These cars have gone through rigorous checks with the brakes, engine and interiors all checkedand you know when you buy from a dealer like this, that you are getting a quality vehicle.

üEco-friendly – When you buy second hand you are reducing the carbon footprint that would otherwise occur if you bought new. Manufacturing a new car takes up a lot of resources and Mother Nature will thank you for buying a used vehicle.

With all the advantages to buying used, why would you still go ahead and buy new! Go check out your local used car dealer in Canberra and see what they can offer you.

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